Keeping calm on your wedding day

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November 2, 2022

So after months of nail-biting and excruciating planning down to the minor details, your wedding day is almost here.

Undoubtedly, you may be feeling pretty stressed as you want and expect perfection, however we have some tips for you so you can feel calm on the day itself and ensure you can actually enjoy your moment.

Read all the details on how to stay relaxed as the ceremony begins below.

Put a plan in place to keep calm-

Whilst I’m sure you’ve already double-checked your timings for deliveries i.e the wedding cake, photographers, bridal party gifts, etc let me reiterate THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH TRIPLE-CHECKING. 

Don’t forget it is completely normal to feel anxious and want to check ahead of time. Focus on the big day in a positive light and try and let your wedding planner know if you are still feeling very anxious, they will have seen many brides both excited and nervous and they will help you calm nerves on your wedding day.

Call up again and just confirm the time and location so you can feel calm and reassured they will be there and they have the right location. This can also be a good opportunity to check you have the correct contact details for suppliers, so worse case scenario on the day you need to get through to them you know the best way to get through to them.

Confirm the people who you will be with during the getting ready process are people who will bring the best out of you. Family and/or friends who make you laugh and excited for the day but also the ones who can help reduce your nerves and make sure your relaxed enough to enjoy the day.

This will also benefit you when it comes to the photographs as if you genuinely are happy and relaxed you are much more likely to look natural instead of forced and fake which will overall lead to better pictures throughout the day.

The night before-

Some brides may want to “celebrate” their last night of being an unmarried woman and we say enjoy yourself, but the night before we do suggest an early evening.

The more well-rested you are the more likely you are to be able to deal with stressful situations meaning you will already be calmer if you have given yourself a good night’s sleep (between 8-9 hours is suggested). If you are sleeping somewhere near the venue the night before make sure to pack an overnight bag a few weeks before so you know you have all the essentials.

Also, getting to bed early may be beneficial as we do recommend an early morning to allow yourself plenty of time to get ready and if you need to travel to your venue as this will help reduce stress if you are not rushing about. If you’re struggling to sleep before your wedding day, a warm bath will help you to relax and if you choose calming scents to have the day before it will make it easier to sleep, i.e lavender.

Our final tip for the day before, make sure you have everything ready. From having your dress hanging up, to making sure your accessories and shoes are where you need them to be, even down to getting your toothpaste on your brush 12 hours in advance! Nothing is too far, preparing well the night before will ensure a smoother morning and keep you stress free.

How to maintain the calm-

We’ve already mentioned waking up early so we won’t bore you with recapping that, but we will say waking up with plenty of time will definitely be an essential part of your wedding day being a smooth sailing ride because the last thing you want is to begin by rushing. So start as you mean to go on, being calm and slow will be your best friend on your wedding day!

So it’s the morning of your wedding day, and you’re feeling nervous before the ceremony? That’s completely normal, this is one of the most important days for you and your other half. But there are ways you can make the morning of your wedding less anxiety-inducing..

Make sure you have a good Spotify playlist with your and your friends’ favourite songs, this will boost the mood and can really help the photographer catch some unique moments of you and the girls singing your go-to songs before you marry. This will also help you to feel comfortable as the wedding approaches.

The senses play a huge role in our emotions so also either a lovely aroma or your favourite scent in the form of either a candle or perfume can help keep your head clear.

Also, no one ever seems to talk about it, try and eat some healthy breakfast, such as fresh fruit and natural yogurt! Not only will this help settle your stomach but also, it can be a long time till you get to eat your wedding breakfast as they usually start 4 hours after the ceremony, and running on an empty stomach whilst sipping on Prosecco will never end well.

So it’s that last moment, the flower petals are across the floor of your venue, bridesmaids are walking down the aisle, a family member on your arm and the anxiety is rising again? Relax your nerves through some deep breathing.

Finally, speak to your partner. On your wedding day you are the only people who will understand the most how the other feels. Even if you just have a code word for when it’s all becoming a bit overwhelming you two could go for a walk and just get some space. You could even include the wedding photographers on this so they can take you away “for photos”. Everyone wants you to have the best day, so if you’re struggling to remain calm, reach out to those around you especially your family members!

Please don’t forget it is okay to feel nervous! Yes this is a special day and emotions can run high but your family, bridesmaids and other half are all there to help you stay cool. A final tip from us, practice mindfulness with your inner circle. Deep breathing will lower your heart rate and can be done throughout the lead up to the big moment.

Oh, and one final tip to keeping calm, get your wedding dress with plenty of time to alter it!!! So if you’re beginning your journey why not contact us today to come and begin your wedding shopping.

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