Meet the team

Located in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside, Veil & Vow is a quiet and quaint studio for brides to enjoy finding their dream dress with their loved ones. Though it officially opened in June 2022, the Veil & Vow Bridal Studio had been in the works since long before then. Here’s our story – a brief tale of family, passion, and of course, love!

The journey began when a 15 year old Lucy was hired by Susan at one of her businesses. From there ensued a love story; Lucy would eventually meet Susan’s son, fall in love, and marry him a few years later – much to Susan’s joy!

Throughout the years, Susan and Lucy shared a love of fashion – particularly wedding dresses – and joked for many years that they would one day open a bridal studio. This passion compounded at the time of Lucy’s wedding, when the pair became enamoured with the joy of finding a wedding dress.

Then lockdown hit, and with it, a change in attitude. Susan and Lucy decided it was time to stop procrastinating, stop joking around, and actually pursue their dream of opening a bridal studio.


A business plan was put in place by Lucy, and quite suddenly, the dream was becoming a reality. It was full steam ahead with laying the foundations for the business, which involved attending the London bridal fashion week, confirming designers, curating dresses, and most importantly, finding a premises.


The premises in question turned out to be a beautifully converted barn in the Needwood countryside. Spacious, serene, and surrounded by scenic roads and charming villages, there was no doubt this would be the perfect bridal sanctuary for Veil & Vow.

It would prove to be central to the luxury, relaxing experience that we are committed to providing. Thanks to its rural location and on-site parking, brides arrive feeling relaxed and ready to find their dream dress. Upon arrival, the bride and their entourage are greeted with warmth, bubbles, and of course a dazzling variety of designer dresses.

As an appointment only studio, they can give each bride their full attention in an easy-going, no-pressure environment. At the heart of Veil & Vow is a simple belief: the wedding dress experience is almost as important as the dress itself. That’s how they’ve started, and how they will go on!

The Studio

Veil and Vow, St George’s Court, Newborough Road, Needwood, Burton Upon Trent, DE13 9PB
+44 07527 292363