Taking a look back at 2022 wedding dress trends..

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January 4, 2023

As the new year is officially among us, let’s have a run through last year’s top trends as we prepare to see if they will follow us into 2023.

Square Necklines:

Square necklines made a huge impact last year in the wedding dress field. We discussed the different types of necklines in more detail –here. These necklines are perfect for modern brides who want that classic look, they can be used with many different fabrics to create several types of looks. From Bohemian bride dresses to glamorous satin gowns, square necklines truly hit last year. We are intrigued to see if they continue into the new year!

High Necklines:

Continuing with the neckline trends, we have the high neckline. Fully becoming popular in 2021,it would suggest that this trend may indeed last longer. Paris Hilton and Lily Collins awed us all with their high neckline wedding dresses. This modest neckline manages to be both timeless and chic at the same time making it a beautifully classic look we hope will last into next year.

Fluffy Sleeves:

2022 saw this princess-looking gown type make a return. A modern day-twist on voluminous sleeves are said to make a grand statement on your wedding day. As we all begin to love shows such as Bridgerton these old fashioned dresses with a modern twist are becoming ever more popular.

3D Floral Patterns:

Another fairytale inspired dress trend we saw rocket launch into 2022 is the 3D flower trend. Often made of the lace material these flowers make the entire dress come to life and give an elevated and modern look to dresses. Perfect for summertime/outdoor weddings, we think.

Colourful Hues:

Our once classic white dress has taken a slightly different path in the last few years with some more colourful tones. Pastel yellow and pinks etc have been highly common in this trend. Who knows if this year will include more colourful bridal gowns as we stray from norms?


In the Autumn of 2022 we saw voluminous ruffles take a hold of the trends. From ruffled skirts to hem lines, this style is often popular for those who enjoy feeling like the belle of the ball. Again we believe this may be down to the rise of historical dramas where these “traditional” dresses are becoming popular again but with a slightly more modern twist.

Corset Bodices:

This structure allows brides to accentuate their figures, while still paying homage to the traditional silhouette of a wedding gown. Corsets have grown in popularity not just in the wedding dress sector but as a general fashion trend in the last two years. Corsets are favoured for drawing in the waist and pushing up the chest producing an hourglass body type some ladies want to show. Therefore, we are not all surprised corsets came back into the wedding dress scene.

So there’s our top 7 wedding dress trends from 2022, will they continue into 2023? What will be the new trends for this year?  Here at Veil and Vow, we can’t wait to find out.

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