Just Got Engaged!!

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December 7, 2022

So you’ve just asked/been asked the big question and the answer was yes!!

It is now time to start your wedding planning experience but for newly engaged this can feel daunting as you realise how much there really is to organise. We’ve created a timeline to help manage the stress you may be feeling, allowing  you to enjoy your engagement.

The Big 3

We believe there are 3 main conversations which need to take place before any further planning can occur.

  1. Budget, set a maximum price from the get-go. The last thing you want is to find a dream dress or venue then later decide it is not within your budget. If you set one in the beginning this reduces later disappointment as you can make decisions on suppliers etc based off your budget.
  • Also, speak to your partner about how you want to devise your budget. Would you rather spend more on the venue than outfits? Is entertainment more important then flowers?
  1. Wedding size needs to be a part of the initial conversation, this will help with budget and all other decisions such as food, venue, party favours etc. Also, discuss how many children may be at the wedding (if any at all) as your venues will ask for this and you may need to plan extra entertainment for little ones.
  2. Finally,your location matters. Some decide to have an abroad wedding or get married in a different city. If this is something you’re looking at doing your guests will need plenty of notice so they can book transport but also give yourself time to go to the area and find suppliers that will deliver there.

Other Decisions

Once these conversations have taken place it’s time to start looking for a venue that suits your weddings needs. When visiting it’s important to think about, would your guests all fit here, accessibility issues, does this place feel right for you?

Other things we recommend doing at the start of your journey:

*Decide on bridesmaids and groomsmen

*Pick a colour scheme/any specific decorations you want

*Look at booking dress viewings as some places may be booked up for a while.

Once the venue is confirmed, it’s time to start sending those invitations out. From there on you can start getting an idea of numbers and seating plans. When it comes to certain parts of your wedding, always think of those close to you and if they could provide help, especially if on a budget.

Many of our previous brides have had friends or family help bake cakes, prep decorations or collect flower petals to help create a beautiful wedding day but for a slightly lower cost. This can also help make parts of your wedding day feel even more sentimental.

Once the venue is set, things very often begin to fall into place. We often say to remember to speak to your partner about what’s important for them to have on their wedding day. 

Don’t assume you know exactly how they want the day to go, also if you’re having frequent discussions this can help reduce all the responsibility falling on one person’s shoulders.

Final Checklist

Here’s our final checklist for you to look through whilst planning your wedding..

  • Venue + Date
  • Bridesmaids/Groomsmen
  • Invitations
  • Wedding dress/suit 
  • Food
  • Entertainment 
  • Decorations
  • Rings
  • Vows
  • Notice of marriage
  • Organise an officiant

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