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October 5, 2022


So, you’ve found the perfect dress. But now you’re beginning to wonder, “Is there anything more I can do to really stand out as a bride?” 

There sure is. And don’t worry, we have an accessories guide to help you!


Veils can act as the cherry on the top of a beautiful gown. They are often seen as wedding accessories to help capture the personality and essence of the bride as they can vary in so many ways.

From simple and sheer to lacey and glittery, veils can come in all different styles – look at Hailey Baldwin’s veil which spelt out “Til Death Do Us Part”. Veils can be personal and can be used to combine your entire outfit from dress to shoes to handbags, which is why they are often seen as a favoured wedding accessories.

Also, for brides whose dress does not have a long trail but they want that elegant feel, veils can be perfect. Not only can they provide a train, but they can also easily be removed. 

So if you want a train without the commitment or fear of your dress getting dirty dragging along the floor, you can opt for a longer veil and simply remove it if and when you believe it’s becoming messy. 


However, for those who do want a train, you can change the whole look of your wedding with these accessories. From a dramatic, Kate Middleton-inspired sweeping trail to a more subtle yet equally as beautiful gown, trails can make your dress one step above what it currently is.

Some brides may choose not to get a train as they can make your dress heavier and also it does increase the risk of damage to the dress, especially in outdoor weddings. Luckily, you can get detachable trains for photos and special moments, such as walking down the aisle. This means you can wear one and bask in the elegance but then remove it for partying after!


Items of jewellery such as earrings and necklaces be the perfect accessories to your overall wedding day look. If you’re wanting to follow the traditional “something old, something borrowed” this could be the perfect time to incorporate this into your outfit. Some brides also like to have items from loved ones as a sentimental meaning.

However, jewellery doesn’t always need to have a deep, personal meaning behind it. Instead you may choose pieces solely because you like them or because they reflect a part of your personality.

On the other hand, if your dress is heavily sequined, lacy or jewelled itself, brides may choose not to actually wear any additional jewellery as it may appear to clash with the dress creating a messy look. If this is a concern for you, we recommend bringing jewellery pieces with you if you are wanting to wear them, so you can try them on with the dresses beforehand to make sure they work.


From top to toe, you want to look and feel beautiful – your shoes should not be left as a last minute thought. From walking down the aisle to partying with your loved ones, these shoes are going to be on for approximately 12 hours so your comfort is once again key.

Many wedding designers say opting for a flat or kitten heel can be the best port of call as not only does it reduce strain on your feet, which eventually will just make them ache, but it also reduces the likelihood of tripping. 

So when it comes to your shoes, the important things to think about are, will you be comfortable? Do they match with your dress? Can you dance in them?

If you’re still unsure, feel free to ask us for any additional tips when you come for your dress appointment at Veil & Vow!

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