Hall of fame wedding dresses

October 19, 2022

Talk a walk with us through time as we look at some of the most iconic bridal dresses, and what made them so special.

Kate Middleton

The best place to begin our wedding dress hall of fame is surely with one of the most famous weddings of the century. Back in 2011, when Prince William married Kate, she stunned us all in her 250k wedding dress. Oh, to have that kind of budget!

The elegant lace dress was made with images of roses, thistles, and daffodils placed on both the bodice and the skirt to create a beautiful pattern. Iconic!

Hailey Bieber

A few years ago when Hayley Baldwin married Justin Bieber (breaking many young girls’ hearts), she made sure her wedding gown was unforgettable. From the personalised, “Till Death Do Us Part” veil to the scooped lace back, this was a truly incredible custom creation.

Virgil Abloh, director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear since 2018, made his big leap into bridal design with this signature dress. This surprised many as he is best known for his Off-White collection, not so much as an elegant garment designer.

However, similarly to Kate Middleton, Hayley’s dress also incorporated lace as its primary fabric, suggesting these dresses are most desired due to their elegant look. So is lace the key to making it into the hall of fame?

Kim Kardashian

Whilst the pair have had a rather dramatic divorce, there’s no denying Kim and Kanye’s wedding was a memorable one. Especially after Kim’s previous marriage, which lasted a total of 72 days, people were definitely interested in this new one.

Kim Kardashian is well known for her clothes, or lack thereof, yet on her wedding day, she surprised us all with a dress featuring a mermaid silhouette, long lace sleeves, and a simple white cathedral-length silk veil.

Later, it was confirmed the gown was made to match the wall-of-roses backdrop in which they stood before during the exchanging of vows. This was therefore meant to make sure the photos of the special day looked as perfect as they could.

Diana, Princess of Wales

It’s no surprise royal wedding gowns will always be iconic in their own ways. Diana’s 25-foot train and a veil stretching 153 yards certainly impressed the public. 

The taffeta dress was intricately embroidered with sequins, frilled lace, and 10,000 pearls, and valued at an estimated £9,000. But that’s not what gave the dress its famous status, oh no; it was the size of the dress, which barely even fit in the royal car. 

With a 25 ft train, it’s unsurprising that Diana faced some difficulty fitting into a car with it. The dress required folding over several times just to make her way to the venue. This resulted in the dress appearing creased but did not take away from its iconic status.

Ariana Grande

Surprised. That’s one word for how we all felt after finding out Ariana Grande had wed in secret. And then of course we all *patiently* awaited photos of the dress, and boy, were we in for a treat.

The singer posted on her Instagram some of her wedding photos, showing off her custom Vera Wang, silk, plunge neckline dress. Similar to Baldwin’s dress, Ariana had a backless dress which has since inspired more wedding dresses with this feature.

Grande still kept to her image and wore her signature high ponytail and then proceeded to wear a matching handmade, shoulder-length veil with a satin bow accent, which we think is the best way to incorporate your style into your wedding day.

Priyanka Chopra

When Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas eloped, we were gifted with several outstanding gowns as they had a 5-day wedding event in India, ranging in looks from traditional Indian attire to romantic Western styles.

For the Christian ceremony, the bride wore a custom-made lace Ralph Lauren gown covered in Swarovski crystal, which took a total of 1,826 hours to complete. She paired it with a dramatic 75-foot veil. Then, the next day for the official Indian ceremony, Chopra wore a glittering red lehenga by Indian designer Sabyasachi, made of hand-cut organza flowers, French knots in silk floss, and Siam-red crystals.

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