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October 26, 2022

When it comes to your wedding dress, you expect perfection and nothing less will do, but an important question is are you comfortable? A dress can look like a million dollars (and certainly cost that as well)  but don’t make you feel as such. The key can really be within the silhouettes of the dress!

Here at Veil & Vow we want to give you as much help as we can both before and during your wedding dress appointment. So we thought we’d make a brief guide about the most common wedding dress silhouettes to hopefully help you begin to make some decisions.


No surprise by its name when we tell you this dress resembles a mermaid’s tail. By hugging the chest and waist but then flaring out at the knee this silhouette is ideal at accentuating curves.

The Mermaid silhouette has recently become very popular amongst brides due to its flattering style on the body but also because unlike some other styles, all necklines look good with the dress, meaning if you do have a neckline your desperate to have on your dress this type of gown will often come with varying necklines.


The Trumpet is similar to the Mermaid but a slightly toned down version. With the bodice fitting snugly to the hips and the flare starting mid-thigh (instead of knee) it is often considered a particularly good match for an extravagant celebration. 

A Trumpet silhouette is often preferred for slender frames and hourglass body types because similarly to the mermaid it is a lovely dress to accentuate curves. 


The A-line gown is often referred to as the most universal silhouette. With the flaring of the skirt beginning at the waist, not only is this dress flattering on all figures it also is beautifully elegant.

This timeless look can suit all necklines and will come in a wide range of fabrics so you can be reassured that should you choose this a-line shape you will still have a wide range of other dress elements to choose from.


If you want to live a princess fantasy on your wedding day, the Ballgown is absolutely perfect for you. This silhouette, similar to the A-line, flares out at the waist but with the most voluminous skirt of all other gowns.

This dress will certainly make a statement on your wedding day, however it is important to prepare for the amount of volume and fluff this dress is and you’ll want to check during your appointment you can comfortably manoeuvre!


A less common but equally as beautiful silhouette, the Sheath is a lightweight, long and straight gown. Brides find this style allows you to show off your curves without the dress being tight and figure-hugging allowing you to freely move around.

Sheath dresses are usually made out of lightweight fabrics such as silk, with very minimal accessories. This means that this dress is perfect for those spring/summer weddings and can also pair really well if you have any specific accessories you did want to wear as the dress is less likely to take attention from them.

So, there’s our 5 favourite wedding dress silhouettes! We know this can be a nail-biting time of stress, so let us help make it all a little bit more enjoyable for you. Call up today and let’s begin your wedding dress shop experience.

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